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Pieces of Art in the Form of Handcrafted Jewelry

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The Origin of My YouTube Channel

I’ve been working with seed beads for a few years now and thought it would be fun to start my own YouTube channel. I’ve come up with a some original designs and wanted to share with the community that I learned so much from in my first few years. I hope you enjoy my tutorial videos. My store contains the items that are created in the tutorials as well as many of my other unique designs.

My Designs

I use Miyuki seed beads and Precosia crystals. Both are higher end brands and are known for their quality and uniformity. The more uniform in size the beads and crystals are, the better the piece will turn out.

I prefer to work with Miyuki #11 seed beads. Miyuki beads are uniform in size and come in Delica and Rocaille styles. The smaller size beads allow for more intricate designs. The Delica style is cylindrical, so it tends not to leave space between the beads giving a nice full look. They work best for flat pieces such as loomed bracelets, earrings, and flat pendant necklaces. The Rocaille are round beads and are better suited for three dimensional pieces, because they can produce a nice smooth curve.

As I progressed from bead loom pieces to brick and peyote hand stitched, I also added Precosia bicone and round crystals to my designs. Some of my current favorites, are pieces with bicone and round crystals sewn in a tennis bracelet style. Whether a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, these crystals produce a luxurious and expensive looking piece for any dress occasion.

One of my most popular pieces is the bangle bracelet that combines Miyuki Delica seed beads and Precosia bicone crystals. They are so popular I have difficulty keeping them on the website.